Sunday, July 03, 2011

On going formatting, and the future of this blog.

Having properly written up a project for the first time since leaving university I've decided that I like that formatted way of doing things.

Therefore I'm going to spend some time going back through the blog re-arranging all the posts that I've been writing since 2006, and try and put them in a better format.
I'll see about adding up some pictures, (something I've not done before instead trying to just describe things).
this will mean some posts just disappearing, having been combined into a single post, but this should make searching back for a specific project a lot easier, and since I tend to run projects concurrently (media machine being a great example of an ongoing work) anyway, hopefully projects will now come as a nice easy to digest block, start to finish instructions, properly, written theory (if applicable) included.
I'll also be interspersing tips and opinions in between the how-to's I've had this blog for 5 full years and so far only managed 30 odd posts. adding a bit more variety might help me come back and add more. I'm going to aim to make at least 1 post per month.

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