Monday, February 05, 2007

Fag Pack amp

well I made the fag pack amp...

not that it worked... Damn Maplin... looked up all the parts online, went to the shop expecting to be able to just grab the things off the shelf only to be told... "I'm sorry they are web only orders"...

not to be put off, I had a quick flick through the catalogue in store... decided that my design would have to be abandonned, and went about getting parts for a stock amp using the simple suggested design in the catalogue... (the reference circuits).

it's only one fucking IC and a handful of resistors and caps... how could it possibly fail...

I don't know but it did!

ahh well I'll have another go sometime in the near future when I get a bit more spare time.

Why is this tagged scavenging? well the speakers for the amp were from a laptop they fitted nicely into the cigarette packet leaving plenty of space for the battery.