Monday, April 15, 2013

Making a Lego Table

So this is a nice short post that details the Lego table that was made for my Daughters birthday.

It's a pretty simple idea, rather than having lego all over the floor, (not that this will stop that happening) a special lego table is created, where models can be created and worked on, perhaps over a number of days.

The basis for this table is a cupboard from Ikea that is a bit like those old school cupboards, there are some plastic trays that will be used to store the lego in.

On the top of the table base boards are glued to the top.

This table uses 32 x 32 piece boards, (three of them) and 16 x 32 stud boards, (4 of them) and a single 16 x 16 stud board

The total areas therefore is 48 studs wide (32 + 16) and 112 studs long (32 + 32 + 32 + 16)
there is an equal border, (about a 3 stud lego brick size) around the whole top

The boards were glue using solvent free evo stick (contact adhesive) glue. obviously a solvent based glue would melt the ABS plastic that is used to make Lego!

When the table is all put together it looks like this:

You can just about see the way that the boards are offset to try to minimise the lines.

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