Monday, October 14, 2013

summer holiday

So, (and not for the first time)

I reached a lull in posting, not that I was doing nothing, but I had nothing to write about.
I've been doing a few projects, but have yet to write them up.

I'm going to start writing again, but perhaps at a slower frequency.
I've tried posting once every few days, (years ago) and found that far too hard to keep up with.

I wish I'd done once a week, then I'd still have a ton of posts cued for release.

I tried once a week, but without some hardcore time spent writing and having a stack ready and scheduled for release I couldn't keep on top of writing here, making else where and a job and a family!

So now I think I'll just post as and when I need to. when I'm inspired to write a lesson, rather than looking for stuff to pad a blog, and posting when I have completed a project rather than trying to do smaller projects so that I can update more frequently.

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