Monday, March 19, 2012

Making a notepad

Making a notepad

For a bit of fun I decided to make a small ring bound notepad, and thought I'd write this up.

To create a notepad like this, (fairly useful for making very small sketches, or taking notes)

So to create this project you'll need some paper, floppy disks, a straight-edge and knife (or scissors) a vice and a mandrill (a form for bending metal around -in this case a round piece of 25mm dowel) and a wire coat-hanger.

First cut the coat-hanger.
and hold it in the vice parallel with the mandrill.
bend the coat hanger 90 degrees out from the vice.

Now wrap the hanger around the mandrill.
now bend the wire up to be parallel with the mandrill again.

Measure the distance between the holes on the floppy disk, now use this measurement to mark the wire this distance away from the first loop formed around the mandrill.

Once again bend the wire outwards, then around the mandrill, then cut off any excess.

Using the ruler measure the disk, and on some plain printer paper mark out squares the same size as the disk,  then cut out these squares, use a hole punch (one hole at a time) to punch holes in the paper the same distance apart as the loop that you created.

Now start by threading a disk onto the wire loop.

Followed by your paper.

the a disk that forms a cover. (perhaps a cool game disk or something.)

My pad has a windows 3.11 install disk as the front cover, (disk 1) the back cover is the final disk from the install media, (disk 8)

Finally, drill some 3mm holes in a smaller dowel, then use this to secure the rings so that neither your disks or pages fall out of the book. and you have something to hang the book by.

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